Episode 73

How to find a Purpose Driven Business Life

How to find a purpose driven business life is on the mind of many new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Many start out on the long, and sometimes arduous journey of being one’s own boss, with the idea to create a better life.

That could mean a better income, less working hours, less stress and with a better purpose in the world. Good intention and dreams do not always translate into reality. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs find themselves working long hours and with not so much money in the bank.

Julie Zuzek

That is where Julie Zuzek comes to the rescue. She is the Corporate Yogi and a podcaster bringing you the Conscious Business with the Corporate Yogi podcast. Julie is helping her clients to find a purpose driven business life. How does she do it? These are Julie’s words:

“In order to build a conscious business you must clearly define your purpose, agree to be authentic and mindful of your impact on others, and accept personal development as a necessary part of your success.”

Julie ZuzekJulie has been in the corporate world for more than 15 years. Then she became a Yogi. Add to this that she loves personal freedom and adventures, is always open and eager to learn more and thinks that being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to bring your unique gifts into this world. Julie brings all this and more to her coaching clients and the members of her mastermind groups.

Starting her own business as a coach has taught her that personal growth is the key to business success. She helps her clients to recognize and overcome the often subconscious obstacles – the limiting beliefs which are impacting the success of their businesses.



[clickToTweet tweet=”The key to business success is to recognize and overcome the often subconscious obstacles – the limiting beliefs” quote=”The key to business success is to recognize and overcome the often subconscious obstacles – the limiting beliefs which are impacting the success of the businesses.” theme=”style5″]

Our Conversation

In our conversation, we talked about the following topics:

2:42  Listen to cues. Often fear is holding us back from what we want to do.

2:59 Julie’s podcast: Conscious Business with the Corporate Yogi

4:48 What does coaching look like?

7:09 Money and worthiness

7:49  When we as entrepreneurs are asking for money- it is based on who we are. If we are working for a corporation- it is based on what we do.

8:37  Julie has three podcasts dedicated to our relationship with money – your money blue print. There are three podcasts because money is such a huge topic for most of us. She is drawing on three books which influenced her thinking. (If you click on the links to purchase a book, we will receive a small commission. Thank you if you choose to go that route.)

10:22 Beliefs impact what we do.

Beliefs are formed when we are young through different influencersdone is better than perfect

  • parents
  • teachers 
  • life circumstances
  • TV and other media influences

Some of the beliefs we might have

  • money is hard to earn
  • I can’t do it
  • money is evil
  • people who have money are bad

11:26 The hundred $ game

13:00 Internal work

15:30 The “Shoulds”

17:00 Social media

19:00 Mastermind

Julie offers two Mastermind groups: One for people who are ready to launch or are in the early stages of building a purpose driven business.

The other is a high growth group for people who are in business for at least 3 years.

23:03 Sangha – build communityWe are raising consciousness

24:20 Retreats and winks from the universe

27:30 Yoga mindset in the business world

29:10 Personal Yoga practice to foster creative thinking and solution finding for problems.

29:59 The monkey mind, the saboteur, the inner mean girl or boy

32:00 Hiding or suppressing your fear makes it blow up big at an inconvenient time

32:32 Are more women or men seeking coaching?

33:29 Free course on goal setting for 2017 for our listeners. Grab it until the end of January 2017.


34:57 The goals that we write down are 42% more successful and likely to happen.

37:10 Winks from the Universe

38:20 Journaling

41:11 Yoga as a solid foundation for what we do.


RetreatU      Yoga retreat

RetreatU is an online program Julie started to teach just a year ago. She had started to hold short retreats close to her Toronto home and fell in love with it. She realized that organizing retreats was a perfect fit for her expansive skill set. Soon, she ventured into organizing an international location retreat and hasn’t looked back since.

Excited about the retreats and sharing details with friends and acquaintances, she realized that many had the dream of organizing a retreat, but no idea how to go about such a project. So, she started sharing her knowledge in personal conversations and through social media and found that the demand for this knowledge was truly great. Such, another purpose driven business was born: RetreatU.

RetreatU is a membership site teaching all the steps required to organize a successful retreat.

Free Goal Setting Course

Julie was so generous to offer our listeners and readers her free goal setting course. Marianne took it and loved it. Available until the end of January 2017.

Free Goal setting course

Download the Free Goal Setting 2017 Course

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