May is Radical Self-Care Month

May 1, 2018

May is Radical Self-Care Month!

Did you know that this month is radical self-care month? No? Don’t worry. You couldn’t know that since I just declared it as such!

I declared it for me. But I want to invite you to come along with me on this journey of taking care of myself. The older I get, the more I see that to truly live a sustainable lifestyle, self-care needs to be a huge part of it!

So many women – and yes, I am going to call out and call on women right now – do not take care of themselves!!!

By that, I don’t mean that they don’t comb their hair or wash their faces. No. Most of us do that part pretty well. Even painting our nails and wearing presentable clothing. That is not necessarily what I am talking about.

Self-care goes way deeper than that.

But we could start at clothing to get my point across. Here are some of the attributes we might look for in our clothes.

  • They are clean.
  • They are made of good fabric.
  • They are appropriate for the office.
  • They are cheap or affordable for our pocketbook.
  • They are in fashion.
  • They aren’t worn out.
  • They get compliments from others.

Do you have clothing which fits the above description? How many of those pieces of clothing make your heart sing when you wear them?

When you buy or make clothes, do you only consider items that feel right on your body and please you? Or are you thinking of the points listed above?

Isn’t it self-care, to take care of ourselves, to only dress in clothing we love – no matter what anyone else thinks?

How often do we do that? And do we even know what we really love?

This question can be applied to all different areas of our lives. So many of us have lost the ability to even know what we need, what we want, and if we do, how to make ourselves a priority.

My declaration is that May is Radical Self-Care month and I invite you all to share what that means to you.

Let me know in the comments if you will take the challenge and if you are on Instagram, Facebook or Steemit – share with us which area of your life you want to examine this month and figure out how to apply radical self-care to it.


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