Episode 74 – The Valhalla Movement

Freedom culture, as defined by the  Valhalla Movement , is “a collective state of being that empowers and encourages all individuals to contribute their unique gifts to the world.”

It’s the mission of Valhalla Movement members to live in and help to spread freedom culture around the world through online and offline efforts that focus on sustainability, community, knowledge and action.

Founding member, Marc Angelo Coppola says it begins with self-sustainability.

Wake up!

Spreading Freedom Culture

Marc began his journey with a big wake-up period. For him, it involved watching a lot of documentaries that told the story of what’s going wrong in the world.


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We’ve all been there. Most of us either end up turning to some form of distraction or else we carry the weight of mild depression as a result.

However, Marc chose a different response. He chose to live a life that no longer perpetuates the nightmare and to share what he learns with others.

Marc recognized early on that building a community around these ideas was essential. He began on a five-acre piece of land in Montreal, Canada with a plan to build the school he wished he could have gone to. He  gathered a group that was dedicated to realizing the same plan and igniting a global passion for sustainability, self-reliance and collaborative action.

The Valhalla Movement was born.

Moving to a freedom culture

I was inspired by this chat with Marc. We touched on many themes that occur repeatedly in the global awakening that is now happening: for instance, the idea that our own imaginations, when allowed to truly run rampant, often hold the solutions we are seeking.

How do you change the culture?

Marc says the answer is telling compelling stories, which, as you can see, The Valhalla Movement knows how to do.

The organization makes expert use of digital media to show people what Freedom Culture is and to challenge and educate them to take action. “In today’s world the biggest currency is not dollars and sense, it’s actually attention,” Marc says.

“Our goal is to kind of spread the physical (Valhalla Movement) almost like a virus. It’s almost like the franchise company that really just carries out the online media and then finds people who are willing to come and train with us and be a part of this movement to try and take on these big social problems.”

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5 comments on “Spreading Freedom Culture

  1. audio is very odd, one voice in the left ear, other in the right?? please fix that, I had to stop listening after about two minutes due to internal harmonic imbalance, haha.

    • Jenise Fryatt Jan 12, 2017

      Woops! Thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about this issue. Your comment prompted me to find and fix the problem today. I hope you will try listening to this episode again. Hopefully your internal harmonic balance will be fine! <3

  2. This was a fantastic interview from many perspectives.
    ✦ Marc is eloquent and engaging in the story he shares
    ✦ He shared numerous mindset shifts for listeners including “what would I do if I had unlimited resources?” What a great example of thinking big.
    ✦ He shares powerful lessons of how he started a community (and a movement) even though he did not have all of the answers. He found people who did, or rather, walked in faith that they show up. Leadership in action.
    ✦ His energy was contagious.
    ✦ I appreciated that he did not try to say his way was the only way, but instead encouraged everyone to find what was important to them and actually ACT on it rather than just talking about it.
    Nicely done.

    • Marianne West Jan 19, 2017

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And thank you for listening to our podcast.

    • Jenise Fryatt Jan 19, 2017

      Thanks so much, Stephanie! I really enjoyed this discussion. I agree on every point! Marc is truly inspiring. No wonder he has been able to do so much in such a short time. So glad you enjoyed the podcast. Take care!