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January 20, 2019

Episode 157 Garik Himebaugh, Eco-Stylist

Garik and Marianne are exploring the world of fashion. Did you know that the average American throws away 80 lbs of clothing per year? That is right – not donate – throw away.

If all the clothing is recycled instead of discarded, the impact is greater than all plastic and glass recycling combined.

These are just some topics we touched on during the interview.

Garik Himebaugh in His Words


Garik is the founder of Eco-Stylist, a stylishly curated collection of eco-conscious menswear. 

3 years ago he quit his corporate job to start chasing his fears, with his long-term dream of starting a social venture. Fear chasing lead him to the University of Iowa where he pursued an MBA and got the chance to push against many fears, including practicing public speaking, taking an acting class, and rock climbing.

This May he completed the MBA, but instead of pursuing full-time work, he took the leap and led Eco-Stylist through the startup accelerator at the University of Iowa, and is now bootstrapping the company fulltime from Iowa City, IA.

He helps men find clothes that look good and make a positive impact, while also sharing knowledge about sustainable buying habits, recycling your clothes, and much more. 

Some Discussion Highlights

Garik has a degree in peace studies. He left University with the dream to some day, after he had made a lot of money, to start a social conscious company.

He started working in Real Estate which was not making him happy. In fact, it let to, what he calls, a quarter life crisis at the age of 25.

There was only one solution. He challenged himself to overcome the fears that held him back and to try out all kinds of new experiences.

Back in college, he encountered a vibrant entrepreneur community. For one of the projects he did for his degree, he did a lot of customer discovery. That means that he interviewed a lot of people about their buying habits.

One thing became very clear to him. A lot of men do not like shopping!

Meeting the owner of Adelante Shoe Company ultimately sent him in the direction he is pursuing now.

He saw shoes that were beautiful. They were durable and made from sustainable materials. And, the best part, the artisans handcrafting the shoes are paid living wages.

Garik realized that he didn’t have to wait to fulfill his dream of working in a social conscious field.

  • He knew that men hate to shop for clothing (for the most part)
  • He knew that men needed help finding clothing that fit their needs and style
  • He knew that it is not easy to research companies to see if they are as sustainable as they say they are.
  • He knew that much clothing ends up in the landfill – some not even worn once. That is creating a big problem.
  • He knew that he could provide a great service.

During our conversation, we explored all of that and much more. Including what we can do to shop sustainable, to avoid adding clothing to the landfill, and what kind of services Garik’s Eco-Stylist company offers.


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  • The True Cost: Documentary available on Netflix

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