Episode 138

Sustainable Outdoor Sports

Pia Piscitelli, our sustainable travel expert, examines in this month’s segment the impact of outdoor sports on our environment. Many of us love to be outside whenever we can.

The beaches are calling us to try out surfing. Or maybe you prefer camping in the mountains? Both are great and both have one thing in common: Equipment is needed.

Surfboards, tents, sleeping bags and all that is needed for a successful outing doesn’t come cheap. Still, many bite the bullet and shell out their hard earned money to purchase all that is required to be able to surf, camp, backpack, mountain bike  or try a first Yoga class.

outdoor sports

Often, that equipment ends up in the garage to be stored – forever.

Raise your hand if you have some outdoor sports equipment in your garage covered in a layer of dust? Okay, maybe you clean your garage a lot and it is not dusty but still not used in years.

In your defense, you might have thought about renting equipment for that first trip, only to find out that there really wasn’t any quality paraphernalia available. Or rentals were only available in a certain area which happens to be not the one you wanted to go to.

Or maybe you don’t have a garage to store things in. As housing becomes more expensive and many people are choosing to live in small dwellings – because that is the sustainable thing to do – storage is often very limited. Do you really want to dedicate half a room to gear you might only use once a year?

That was the experience of the folks at Coozie Gear and a business was born.

Coozie Gear offers high-quality equipment for rent. Here is the great part. You order what you need online and it get’s delivered to your home. And now, the best part. Once you are done with your outdoor sports experience, the gear gets picked up again! How easy is that!!!

outdoor sports

The company operates in the Los Angeles area and all of you who are flying in from all over the world can arrange to have the outdoor sports gear of your choice delivered to you.

Of course, if you are surfing every day, or even every weekend, or go camping several times a year, it makes more sense to purchase your own equipment.

But for those of us who only need the gear once in a while, it is way more sustainable to rent. It is easier on our pocket book. of course. But less equipment needs to be made and it will only end up in the land fill when it has been thoroughly used.

We love businesses who are creating a business model that is helping everyone, including Mother Earth.

Find out more about Cozzie Gear on their website.


Colleen Zahradnicek Wants to See Change in Denver

Emily Gerde recently moved to Denver Colorado and is hard at work to change the city ordinance to allow tiny home developments.

She met Colleen Zahradnicek whose parents had moved to Denver to raise their family in a healthy and beautiful environment. Emily can relate since that was part of their motivation for their recent relocation.

Colleen is a real estate agent and she has seen the city change as more and more people want to more there. What once was an affordable city has become the opposite. House prices have risen to a point where many with a good job like fire fighters, teachers, nurses and such cannot afford to purchase a house any more.

She thinks that the city government could have prevented much of what is perceived as a problem now with better planning. That is why she decided to run for a city council seat.

Emily and Colleen touch on many subjects during this interview, including homelessness, aging, transportation, financing and more.

None of this topics are unique to Denver and we all can apply some of the solutions they discuss in our own area.

Find Emily’s in-depth article here.


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Denver has Changed – Impact on People

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