Episode 147

Sustainable Travel: Camping

Do you love to go camping? Or maybe not so much because you don’t want to schlepp all that gear around? Maybe you just don’t know where to go and think that most camping spots don’t have WiFi – something you can’t live without?

Yet you want to be as sustainable as possible, even while traveling. So many questions we have to ask ourselves before setting out on a trip. Good thing we have a Sustainable Travel Expert on the team.

The amazing Pia Piscitelli did it again!!!

She created an amazing episode on Sustainable Travel. We are so lucky to have her as a regular contributor to the Sustainable Living podcast. She found Hipcamp for us and interviewed the owner Alyssa Ravasio



Have you heard of Hipcamp? I hadn’t until Pia told us about it. If you love camping – you are going to love this website. If you are not sure yet that it is for you, you might find a spot that looks so good that you want to give it a try.camping

Hipcamp connects campers and hosts. You will find places you will not find anywhere else.

Ever since I learned about Hipcamp, I have browsed their website every day and discovered places right in my neighborhood I never knew about. But it also gave me ideas I might consider for the future.

One camping spot, in particular, caught my eye. It is in Arizona and only has space for one, maybe two tents. The camper will wake up to the sounds of chickens – and traffic! Because this particular Hipcamp site is in an urban farm backyard in the middle of a city.

Of course, I thought of my own backyard and a potential income source I never considered before.

Encouraging and helping hosts to offer their land for camping is one of the services and purposes of Hipcamp. Let’s get more people in touch with nature so that they want to preserve what we have for future generations.

And it is fun to move your cursor over the map and see what pops up.

I am going to travel to Arizona in the near future and got curious about what is available there. I don’t want to take a tent and my destination is a home. But I was thinking of maybe spending a night to break up the drive.


A screenshot from the Hipcamp website

I found a couple of places which have campers, cabins, and even a converted storage container where you just bring yourself. Many spaces offer wifi and that is one filter in the search function.

If you need a quick weekend get-away, you will find it!! You might find a place close by you never knew existed or you can plan a trip across the country.

Everything is possible!


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