Episode 90 – The Venus Project

The Venus ProjectI was blown away when I first learned about The Venus Project five years ago through a video on You Tube.

It’s creator, Jacque Fresco, had thought of everything needed for building and maintaining a society that actually allows humans to live the lives they long for.

The project outlined a society that no longer included:

  • a 40 hour work week
  • waste
  • pollution
  • lack of food, clothing or shelter
  • oppressive governmental structures

A Vision for a New Millennium

Like so many before me, I was inspired by the project to begin envisioning a world that was enticingly unfamiliar. I wanted to do what I could to help make it happen. Not long after that, I met Marianne and we started this podcast.

The Venus Project

Jacque Fresco with Saso Luznar


Over the past two years of interviews, I’ve met others who were just as inspired by Jacque Fresco’s vision as I was. Most recently, I was introduced to Saso Luznar and Jennifer Huse who have actively volunteered for The Venus Project for the last 5 years. (Thanks again to the amazing Michael E.V. Knight.)

In this episode of the podcast, Saso and Jennifer explain what The Venus Project is. The also explain the core ideas behind the project as well as the problems it would solve.


Solutions No Longer So Strange

The Venus Project

Jennifer Huse

Some of the solutions that Fresco proposed decades ago, are no longer as strange as they once were.  The move toward sharing cars, as opposed to owning them, is one example. The rise of collaboration as opposed to competition as a way to get things done, might be another.

If you know nothing about The Venus Project, you’ll learn about it here.  But I would encourage you to also check out The Venus Project website and the video posted below.

You may also wish to check out Future by Design and Paradise or Oblivion documentaries and other videos about The Venus Project on Youtube. This kind of information gets us thinking and dreaming. And, as more of us begin to allow ourselves to envision such things, that better world gets closer and closer to becoming our reality.


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One comment on “The Venus Project

  1. Cathy Heyworth Harris Jul 2, 2017

    A very informative video on The Venus Project, Resource Based Economy, and insight behind the scenes into the volunteers who work tirelessly to bring about the change humans must take next in the evolutionary process. Thank you!