Tips for Reducing Your Chicken Feed Costs

June 1, 2016

Marianne has been raising chickens for a few years now and has picked up quite a few great tips for reducing chicken feed costs.  She shares them in Episode 42 of the podcast.  But for brevity and accessibility, here is her list:

  • Mix your own grains for feed.
  • Tips for Reducing Chicken Feed Costs

    Rocky and some of her freshly hatched chicks

    Order from a co-op like Azure Standard.

  • Take advantage of grain sales.
  • Soak feed grain to improve digestibility and nutrition.
  • Plant things in the chicken run with cages over them – let them eat what they can get through the cage and/or take the cages off when plants get big.
  • Include a compost pile in your chicken run (Be careful not to include anything toxic to chickens such as avocado.)
  • Deep mulch the coop and the run.
  • Add manure to the compost area.
  • Water the compost and the deep mulch in the run to attract insects.
  • Plant things just outside of the run so that when plant branches grow through the fence, chickens can eat it but the plant can still recover.
  • Collect food waste from grocery stores, restaurants and more to supplement your chicken feed.









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