Turn Waste into Food

May 12, 2020


The other day, I made some Kvaas (I will make a separate post about that) and had lots of beet ends on my counter. The beets had been out of the fridge for a few days – remember, my fridge had broken and I didn’t have one for a few days.

This is what the beets looked like before I started working with them.


I bought these beets and they came in a bag without greens. As you can see, after being at room temperature, the already did a little sprouting.


I added some water to the bowl I placed the ends in. This photo was taken the next morning after cutting the beets. As you can see, some tops haven’t started sprouting yet.



I changed the vessel and placed the ends on a plate. I wanted to give them some water, but not too much. As you can see, after about two days, all the beet ends have started to sprout.


I decided to place the plate outside to give it a bit more light. After 4 days, you can see that the water left a color ring around the plate. I just give them just enough water that they can drink, but not sit very deep in it.

Here is a closeup of one of the ends that started growing late.


This is four days after starting the turn waste-into-food experiment and some of the bigger leaves are ready to go into the next salad. I will keep you posted how long this growing experiment will keep going.




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