Ubuntu New Economy

Brandon Shalton

Episode 70 – Ubuntu

In the Ubuntu model of contributionism, community members who give just 3 hours per week would in turn receive all of life’s necessities and time to pursue their own interests within a supportive community.

It’s a powerful idea that has captured imaginations worldwide.

By and For The People

According to the Ubuntu Planet USA website, Ubuntu seeks to create a world in which  “everything imaginable is obtained, designed, measured, planned, manufactured, implemented, built, planted, cooked, sculpted, painted or provided by the people, for the people.”

In this week’s podcast, Brandon Shalton, Project Manager for Ubuntu Planet USA, gives us the lowdown on this worldwide movement and how it is progressing in the U.S.

One Small U.S. Town

Ubuntu New EconomyBrandon is spearheading the “One Small Town” project here in the states,  under the mentorship of Ubuntu movement founder, Michael Tellinger. The project seeks to gain the participation of the mayor, the city council and roughly 20% of the population in one U.S. town, in hopes of creating a working Ubuntu model.

Like some of the other economic systems we’ve featured here on the podcast, Ubuntu promotes a moneyless society in which members are encouraged to follow their passions. But as Brandon explains, it outlines a very practical method for transitioning from our current system to an Ubuntu system.

A New Economy of Contributionism

The point of contributionism is to share with everybody, he says.  Thus surrounding communities that are not specifically involved with an Ubuntu system, still benefit by what is created within the system. But, perhaps even more importantly, this sharing with outside communities spreads word of the Ubuntu system that might result in more communities adopting it.

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I really enjoyed this chat with Brandon and was particularly struck by his practical approach and no-nonsense business sensibilities.  They are exactly what’s needed to translate such a radical idea into material reality.

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6 comments on “Ubuntu: An Economy of Contributionism

  1. Kosotie Österling Dec 17, 2016

    Too bad I could only hear the hosts voice, and nothing from Brandom in the interview, weird and sad. Is there a way to hear it in another place?

    • Marianne West Dec 18, 2016

      I checked on the recording and listened via the website on the computer and via my phone and iTunes and can hear both sides. Maybe try refreshing the side if on your computer or download it again on your phone. Hope you will get to listen!

    • Jenise Fryatt Dec 18, 2016

      Also, if you are listening on headphones, make sure your headphones are plugged in all the way. Lots of times this alone will fix this kind of problem.

  2. mary lasley Dec 21, 2016

    How wonderfully inspiring!!! Looking forward to more. mary lasley, Ashland OR

    • Marianne West Dec 22, 2016

      Thank you Mary! We truly hope you will enjoy our future shows as well.