What is your vision of a truly collaborative economy?

October 29, 2015



It’s been called many things: the sharing economy, collaborative consumption, prosumerism, etc.

These terms may not always be accurate. However they all seek to put a name to a shift in the way we create items of value, use services and products and exchange with each other on an economic basis.

How do we accurately define these new practices? And how will they best help us to create a thriving sustainable economy and culture in the future?

Join us  Friday, October 30 at 12 noon ET for a fascinating discussion in which we welcome your ideas and thoughts about what a truly collaborative economy might look like. Audience participation is encouraged!

To attend, simply click on this link at 12 noon ET, October 30.



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2 comments on “What is your vision of a truly collaborative economy?

  1. will this video be available after today? thanks!