Youth Taking Education into their Own Hands

October 14, 2015
9 Future Permaculture Designers

9 Future Permaculture Designers

Spain currently has a 50% unemployment rate. That can take all hope from young people to ever find a job. Right now, you can help 7 young people, age 14 to 20, and 2 adults in their effort to participate in a Permaculture Course. The youth did not only persuade the teachers to allow them to work for their course fee, but also spearheaded a crowd funding campaign to pay for the hard costs such as housing and food.

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The Permaculture Design course teaches a system of design which can be applied to many different situations and gives a foundation to find creative solutions to many of the problems we are facing today.

Please support this effort if you can.

If you like to learn more about the site where the course will take place, check out Permamed’s website.


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One comment on “Youth Taking Education into their Own Hands

  1. Meiling Jan 3, 2016

    Thank you so much!! It was awesome to see how the community rallied around this project… we are ready to face new challenges now, building the social structure necessary to maintain and support these transition times. It’s time to weave self-sustaining community networks!!