Walking was the usual mode of transportation, if you didn’t bring a shopping bag, you had to carry your purchases in your hand or shirt. The food was prepared fresh daily and much came from your parent’s garden. Harvests were stored for fresh consumption, or canned, turned into marmalade, sauerkraut, juices, compote or were frozen. Everything was used over and over again and hardly anything ended up in the trash.Marianne West

Of course, “progress” brought with it many changes leading to a more disposable oriented society, but the foundation for a life conscious of how our actions affect the environment, our society and our health were firmly established.

Marianne came to the US in her early twenties to travel and ended up marrying and starting a family in Southern California. Her first priority became raising her children to be happy and healthy beings to the best of her abilities. This led her to home birth, long term breast feeding, homeschool and much more. Since she chose the career of mother as a full-time occupation which has no paycheck attached, she utilized many of the skills she learned as a child and teenager to create an abundant life.

When her children were older, Marianne owned and operated an International Grocery Store for many years. After a cancer experience, she slowly transitioned from store owner to Yoga teacher.

A few years back, Marianne was introduced to Permaculture and felt a sense of homecoming. Many of her views, ideals, and philosophies were/are part of all that is called Permaculture.

Almost four years ago, Marianne earned the new title of Oma (grandma) and is even more concerned to live and share a sustainable lifestyle and make sure that her grandchildren have a beautiful world to live in.

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2 comments on “Marianne West

  1. Rosemary Sep 1, 2016

    Dear Maryanne:

    Meiling has just been talking to me about the podcast and how I liked your interview and your approach. I’d be happy to do another interview because of this in particular. I’d like to be interviewed by you.

    thank you so much for yesterday and Ive already subscribed.

    very warmly

    Rosemary Morrow

    • Marianne West Sep 2, 2016

      Thank you so much, Rosemary. I am hoping that we will connect and record a podcast together soon! Thank you for all you do in the world!